Sometimes, you miss moments more than you miss people; but sometimes you miss people more than anything, and you have to get used to it, because that people, will never come back.

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I just want to have guy friends that I’m really close with like brothers without any of them falling for me or me falling for them..uh

Them times when you’re talking to a person and you know that you’re going to have a really boring conversation.

You’re just like

"Omg I am so boring to talk to." 


liking someone you barely know is really hard cos it’s not even that you like that person you just fell for it’s preconceived idea of them and that’s really unfair to the person you think you like and if you do get to know them you’ll more than likely be disappointed because you’ll be holding them to this predetermined, most likely idealistic, notion of who you think they are and they’ll never reach that pedestal you put them on